bonsai is a way of life. Today, yesterday or tomorrow are relative terms with regard to time, and their succession through time may or may not have significance. But we would not be entering into the true spirit of the bonsai if we limited ourselves only to this definition. The essence of the bonsai is to reproduce a healthy miniature replica of the chosen tree. This can only be attained by closely observing the nature, the characteristics of the different species, the climatic conditions of each tree, etc. and by applying all this knowledge to bonzai techniques to obtain a balanced and convincing result. Creating a bonsai is not only the producing of a miniature. A small tree does not necessarily express the strength of large trees. Recapturing the essence of a tree measuring thirty metres in only thirty centimetres and expressing it on a tray is to create a bonsai. When we are confronted with a bonsai we must be able to perceive the strength of the wind and storms which are evident in all trees in nature, and the weight of their fruits and of the snow in winter which weigh down the branches. 93 830 80 85


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